POSTED: Mar 20, 2023

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PhD study : The preparedness of obstetric fistula care in Malawi
Dr Khumbo Jere


University of Cape Town

Loading...Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa


I am exploring the landscape of obstetric fistula care in Malawi (A country in sub Saharan Africa ). With 80 % of its population living under a $1 per day.

Obstetric fistulas have literally been eradicated in the high income world. Yet we report that over 2 million people are suffering from obstetric fistulas and their sequelae. Annually the incidence of obstetric fistulas is 50-100,000 in the developing world. Africa and Asia being the highest affected.

In Malawi, international organizations have come to the rescue, such as UNFPA and Freedom from Fistula Foundation. Their efforts are helping nearly 400 women globally.

But with surgery alone, with one fistula centre, the efforts are but a drop in the ocean. Malawi continues to suffer annual cases in excess of 2000.

This study explores the effects of efforts to combat fistulas, review the challenges in management and the quality of life of women post fistula repair.

I look to collaboration in this field, and to have all well wishers and experts join me in these efforts.



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