POSTED: Oct 20, 2022

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Sustainable Architecture
Sarah Carpenter

PhD (Architecture)

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I completed my PhD in 2022. I have experience as a junior urban designer and CAD assistant. My earlier qualifications include a BEng (Environmental Planning) and a MSc (Environmental Design). I would like to specialise in urban environmental planning, implementation and designing architecture that is congruent with the environment.  

My PhD examined the planning and design of “green infrastructure” at the city level. This involved identifying  best practices and nature-based solutions to achieve greater urban sustainability and resilience. I developed a model that considered the complex interactions of climatic, ecological, socioeconomic and human wellbeing on urban, green spaces and ecosystems.

I have won several student awards during my studies and I have also authored several publications. Recently I attended the National Environmental and Sustainable Architecture Conference.  

I am looking for a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in any of the following areas:

• 'Green' urban design

• Sustainable architecture 

• Environmental impacts and influences on architecture


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